Kadett E GSI 16v Champion

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    • Kadett E GSI 16v Champion

      Hello good kadett people! Happy new year! I'm in a bit of a problem situation. I am a owner of an 1991 Kadett GSI 16V Champion. The car is completely dismantled and taken apart. But i see that i can no longer keep up and have any work done on the car financially.

      So i do not think i hav any other choice but to sell the car and ALL the parts i have in storage for this. ALOT of new parts and half of the car in new parts for the body.

      But what can something like this be worth? The car itself is for what i know really seldom and hard to come over.

      I have all the papers on the car including the german papers from before the car was taken here to norway.

      Currently the body is placed in a body frame for work on the body but it has been like this now for the past 5 years. And i have started school alongside work and two small kids also. So the time is not there anymore.

      This is something i do not want to do. I have millions of plans for this car but i really want it to get back o the road again. Not stand still in my workshop and not get used..

      So what would you guys do and what is it actually possible to sell this project for?
      1991 Kadett GSI 16V Champion - Building in progress!
      2008 Zafira B OPC