Kadett D 1.2S > C20LET from France

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    • Kadett D 1.2S > C20LET from France

      Hi all,

      i'm Florian, and live in France,
      i have a kadett D, it's not a pleasure too find parts but i love this car.

      When i bought the car (in 2016)

      front windows without film :

      wiper in black :

      dashboard :

      it's a realy sad work by the old owner:

      Washing interior parts:

      New panel :

      New plug leads and distributor:

      But water leak at the water pump:


      New Fan Switch and new wiring:

      It's OK !

      New turn light :

      In 2017, i started the swap:

      New spring:

      New suspension and brakes :


      BMW E30 Top mount:

      Headlight paint in black:

      And First time on the road :

      To be continued !

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    • Yeah, if you want a good result, you have to work properly. Take your time, no one will Speed you up :D
      I took 7 years for my GSI Project and it was the right decision. December will be a realistic target!

      We have a few Turbo guys in this Forum, but i think if you ask your question on Facebook more People will recognize your question.
      Das ist so, als würdest du John Wayne mit dem Cowboy der Village People vergleichen!